AODL – The .NET Interface for ODF files

In my spare free time im working on a simple movie database to have a sortable collection list of my movies. Hitherto i’ve do that with the Spreadsheet of OpenOffice.
After some time of development i’ve finished a first betaversion of my tool and starts to work on a importer.
The best way to import ODF files is to extract the content files fromt the zip-encoded files and read the xml. This steps were already done by the OpenOffice team and somebody has implement this steps in a .NET interface library. I’ve found this project (AODL, Sourceforge) and starts to working with it. Bug it has a bad bug.
I have a big table with many cells in many rows, but some of this cell – also severals side by side – are empty. And OpenOffice creates on this empty cells a XML attribute called "table:number-columns-repeated" which descripes how many copies of this cells came after this one.
The AODL assembly do’snt has this attribute calculation implemented so that if’ve sit down and do that. So, here’s the bugfix and the assembly.

Link: Download

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